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FAB Defense Covert G9 Polymerové pouzdro na skryté nošení Glock 9mm, CZ P-10, W P99 pro praváka

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Polymerové pouzdro na skryté nošení pro praváka

  • Glock  17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32 & 33
  • CZ: P-10 C (P10 C, S)
  • H&K: VP9
  • Walther: P99
  • FN: FNS-9, FNS-9 Compact
  • Ruger: SR40
  • Grand Power: K100, T12
  • Schmeisser: SLP-9
  • FMK: 9C1 G2

FAB-Defense is proud to introduce our newest product in the Scorpus® line of holsters, the Scorpus Covert.

The Covert has a special slim design for the thinnest IWB holster possible, with rounded back for comfortable carry and a thin profile made from advanced polymer materials that enable a thin, flexible yet durable holster with an average material thickness of 1.9 mm (0.07 inch).

The interchangeable belt clip allows tucking the shirt in for complete concealment and is complemented by the removable Covert Spacer that enables to add another level of concealment by further tucking the gun closer to the body.

Finally, the passive retention enables fine tuning the correct retention that fits the individual shooter.


  • Thin profile, average material thickness of 1.9 mm (0.07 inch)
  • Adjustable passive retention
  • Ergonomic rounded sweat guard with integrated “combat cut”
  • Replaceable belt clip for 1.5 and 1.75 inch belts
  • Removable Covert Spacer for additional concealment


Glock  17, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, also 26, 27 & 33 P10c

Kód produktu:Covert G9
Barva produktu: Černá
Skupina produktů:Pouzdra Scorpus
Pouzdra na pistoli
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